African Institute for Health and Development

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values


An African where people live in dignity.


Working with communities for better lives through evidence-based programming

Strategic Goal

To enhance the health and development agenda in Africa for the benefit of its people.

Strategic Objectives

To promote health and social empowerment of communities in Kenya and the African Region.
To strengthen fundraising and maintain long-term donor support.
To improve AIHD’s internal capacity and performance.
To build strategic employee competencies.

Our Core Values


Ethical standards will be upheld in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes. The organization’s main interest is to ensure that resources at its disposal are prudently utilized and professionally managed.


Our members shall maintain the highest professional standards in all undertakings in and outside the Institute. We promise to employ diligence and commitment in every professional undertaking our partners entrust us. We shall do our best all the time.


: Our human resources remain our greatest pillar. To bring the best out of our staff, we intend to focus on the respective strengths they bring on board as well as working together to address their weakness. We shall build a formidable team working in synergy that is moulded in respect for one another.


The institute will encourage the development of ideas that will revolutionize all aspects of programming including the use of technology to facilitate efficiency in service delivery.

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