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Around the world, there is a rapid rise of Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the 21st century that threatens global, economic and social development, as well as the lives and health of millions of people from the developed world to the developing world. It therefore requires concerted and coordinated action for its prevention and control. Read more...
New Video - The "Silent" Epidemic

How serious is the threat of NCDs in the African continent? Do you remember a family member, a close friend, a colleague, who lives with or has died from cancer, diabetes, heart problems, sustained injuries? Evidence suggests that the threat could be more real than ever thought before. Think about those cases that are unreported, misdiagnosed or so sudden they shake everyone.

CNCD-Africa presents a documentary featuring real life stories of Kenyans and expert opinions on the "Silent" Epidemic. Watch it here on Facebook The "Silent" Epidemic


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